Laser cutting

4 Oktober 2011

Laser cutting
Nama            : Ajeng niken
 Perusahaan      : Pt. Aman tirta
 Email           :
 Alamat          : Komplek rukan citta graha unit 2 q
 Telpon          : 02158304455
 Kota            : Jakarta
 Negara          : Indonesia



With this email i send you details about aman tirta products which called laser cutting, stone veneer and accoustic light boards. 

Laser cutting is a high technology method for cutting a metal ( such as mild steel, alumunium and steinless steel), wood, alumunium composite and stone veneer With a great precision because everything is operating by machine, because this i can guarantee our cutting is the best then the other cutting company. Except that for some project which need custom thing, we can make it and we guarantee the function will be same like customer want and the design will be keep and not for the other customer.

Stone veneer is a stone which cut and stick it to another materials so it being elastics and light. With this benefit you can apply it for furniture, lift passanger, doors, plafonds, bags, wallets, etc. The other advantage is this materials have a wide surface untill 61 x 122 cm and the price is affordable for such a hightechnology things like this. For purchase more then 10 pcs i would give you more additional discount from the regular price.

Accoustic light board is for accouistic room or need with a great honeycomb in the inside and veneer at the outside. This  materials can absorb sound untill you just can hear your voices. This technology have some advantage from the others, its good for someone have alergic because it doesn\'t have feather or wool inside it, the weight is so light untill you can apply it at the ceilling or doors, and the important is the looks so beautifull then the other and you can apply it in every theme. 

Uniwall is a good things that can makes your kitchen or dining rooms more somple. Because it looks like line in the wall but can be function for hangging tools or accessory for your room. So you didn\'t need a drawers in your old kicthen again, this will make a lot of differences for your room make it more bigger and more modern.

Signage, our signage have a good quality. Its from alumunium and we can arrange it like what you like, such as glow in the dark, light boards, or emergency system light (if there\'s a trouble the signage will be glow).

For your more information you can read it in our brochure or you can call me for meeting and i will bring the sample and will gift more information that you need and we hope we can be a good friends. Thank you and im so deghtfull to hear every news from you..

Best regards,

Ajeng Niken
Sales Executive

PT. Aman Tirta
P  : +62 21 5830 4455 | 5830 1991
F  : +62 21 5830 4535
M : +62 87 8806 54940

Komplek Citta Graha Unit 2Q
Jl. Panjang Arteri Kedoya No. 26
Kedoya Selatan, Kebon Jeruk
Jakarta Barat 11520

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